Golíat is a three piece band with the will and the desire to share and make grow their music.

They started in 2009 as a guitar/drum duet, and from that union came out the raw and straight forward first album, with the title “Golíat”. In 2012, with more live experience and new ideas, they publish “Split” with a friend band, a vinyl with an EP of each band on each side. After a two year stop, they add the sound of the bass to their music, summing up another brain and new ideas to the project. With this set up, they publish the album “II” at the end of 2016, taking a turn from the previous works and with more experimentation. In 2019 they present a new EP, “Quimeres”, summarizing where they are as a band and as musicians.

They are usually labelled as post-rock, metal, indie, stoner, alternative rock and others like that. What Golíat knows is that they love to create in rehearse, experiment in studio and express live.

“They play stoner rock with quite amazing vocal melodies, very catchy

-Radio 3 “Bandera Negra”

“The band from Barcelona presents a solid post-rock and progressive metal as a presentation card. Imaginative pieces, with solid bases, restless guitars and a expressive force that explodes in creative and free compositions and expansive electric shocks”

– X.M Enderrock

“The elegance and energy of Golíat’s darkness”

– Cases de la Música

“Their music gets more and more unclassifiable each album. With a post-rock, post-metal, alternative rock, progressive or indie base, basically these guys do whatever comes out of their heads. And judging by their magnificent and original “II”, what comes out of their mind has something special”

-A.V. Science of Noise